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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Oh come on lol

Guys. IF the MoE are part of it. IF they are, they will be characters introduced. I am not saying these are the best characters, I am saying, these are the characters available. They aren't going to pull Skurge and Amora out of thin air. There has been NOTHING said about the two during phase 2. Yet, if the MoE are going to be in Avengers 2, people seem to think they will be a part of it. IF the moe are involved, it will be a different lineup from the comics. That's all I am saying. i dont care if 4 dumb meatheads =/= an interesting group of villains, those 4 dumbmeatheads, plus whoever else, are who we have right now. That is it

Exactly. IF the MoE are in A2, which who knows, but if they ARE, it won't be the comic linup, save zemo.Just cause he seems logical for CATWS
You missed my small mention of introducing the characters Amora/Skurge in T:TDW (if only after the credits) and yes Zemo "just seems logical." this is all PURELY speculation, i was only giving a rundown of what I thought might be cool if they chose the MoE route. nothing more. I'm actually quite certain it won't happen. Just a little stirring of the pot.

It was just like a... "what characters would you like to see in a MCU MoE, and how might they come about?" haha. in other words im bored.

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