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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Well, the only clue so far as to the villain in any future Avengers films is Thanos. If we were so inclined to believe Thanos wouldnt be the primary villain (but rather a background villain) our minds might wander to exploring any other various options. Judging by the trailers and production news for phase one before any of them were released, would any of us have guessed Loki leads the Chitauri to attack Manhattan with the help of the cosmic cube? Nah. But it became more logical as clues were uncovered.
that's a bit different though. Remember, multiple villains have been confirmed for phase 2. It's not like there is a chance MoE characters can show up, ya know? We already got Malekith, Loki, Kurse, possibly even Surtur in Thor 2. So it's unlikely that Skurge and Amora will show up, and most likely, it won't happen. ya know?

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