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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
If the Masters of Evil are in a film it'll be an eclectic group of characters, not the same archetype x4. I don't think the Masters of Evil will be in Avengers 2, but if they were it would be a lot easier to introduce a few new villains than it would be to try to force the group of characters already around to have any sort of interesting dynamic together.
Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Haha. MCU has free reign to do whateverTF they want in Phase 2. They are in uncharted territory with a full tank of gas. It will likely be totally unpredictable so our predictions are moot.

I could see them throwing in E&E at the end of T:TDW. And after they are "defeated" along with the rest of the MoE, maybe they come back with a vengeance and unleash surtur in Thor 3. maybe not. but any and all of this stuff would be cool to see on screen so Im stretching my imagination.

oh they can do whatever they want lol. That thing is kurse, malekith, crossbones, zemo(maybe) manderin, and whoever else we got confirmed.

Theycertainly can do whatever, but it will be packed lol, and seems a wee bit unlikely, don'tcha think?

tohugh if they are setting up a traditional MoE, I guess they can could keep it under wraps. but i think this avengers 2 will be a stepping stone to an infinityy gauntlet centered phase 3.

it seems the IG won't be of significance in thor. which means whatever back story it has will begin to be revealed in GotG. Idk, one movie doesn't seem like enough to set up something as big as the IG

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