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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by Happy Jack View Post
I mostly disliked the fight scenes in Watchmen precisely because they looked so choreographed and over the top. It was as if Snyder in trying to sell some sort of realism with the violence ended up glorifying it by having things like absurd slo-mo shots of people's arms being broken and faces being bloodied. It actually had the affect of making the superheroes appear to have super strength and agility when none of them did Manhattan. Snyder's penchant for over-the-top action betrayed the effective banality of the source material and using that tactic with Batman would likewise come off as a hollow and shallow attempt to make the character (more) edgy.
First, big props to you for quoting Shelley's immortal poem "I met a traveller from an antique land who said....." and you know the rest.

Next, I agree on the lack of slo-mo, MOS was a much better film for
the absence of it.

However, I think that there is definitely room in this next film for a particularly brutal Batman, as in broken limbs and blood. Batman kind
of dances on that line of appearing super-human ( when we all know
he's not, it's just trickery, gadgets and his high level of skill) it's part of the image that he sells, the mystique. I suppose the hard part is having the
right tone for the film. While the bone-breaking didn't appeal to you,
I felt that it fit in with the dark tonality of Watchmen, it wasn't meant
to be a visceral film - but that might not work in a film that also features Superman (although a neck-snapping Superman).

Personally, I think the Ozymandias vs Comedian fight scene might be
a reasonable starting point for Batman, although I still am keen for
a more "Jason Bourne"/ Person of Interest flavour to his approach, and certainly the integration of his weapons, as well as his hands (and occasionally feet).

Having said that I have to question your comment about "effective banality
of the source material." Is that your way of saying that Watchmen is banal ?
If so, I have to disagree with you there. Back in 86, when it came out,
Watchmen was at the limit of what comic books could be.
It was an anti-superhero story that stretched the boundaries of the genre by providing insights into the complex, and somewhat twisted motivations of the characters - it took the day-glo world of superheroes and put in
homosexuality.....well sexuality in general , as well as child-abuse, paranoia, quantum physics, commercialism, and to top it all off, captured the climate of the cold war. The ambiguous ending, and the apocalyptic scenes of issue 12 weren't just edgy, they were the edge itself.

Having said all that, I think Snyder did the best job possible he could -because no one could ever bring all that to the screen in one film. It wasn't perfect, (proving that glowing blue penises just don't work on the big screen). I collected and loved the original, and felt okay about the film (actually Snyder's ending made slightly more sense - yes, I know sacrilege to say that.)

Back to Batman, IMO nothing too flashy, yet still extremely skillful, and brutal.

So you've said what you wouldn't like to see, how about what you WOULD like to see in Batman's fighting style ?


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