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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by storyteller View Post
I really think Watchman style of fighting(and costuming) is perfect for Batman. At the end of the day this is a movie. The fighting needs to look great on screen. Also they are limited by the suit.The thing is just too heavy and restricting to do the things in that Tony jaa video.

But again I'm biased because the Watchmen fighting can be brutal and gorgeous without looking choreographed.

Also while no one brought this up and is irrelevant. No group of guys is going to attack one man all at once. There is too high a risk of hurting the others and simply limiting your defense.
I agree with you that the Watchmen film had some very enjoyable fight scenes, although, as I've said before, I think Ozymandias vs Comedian would be the most Batman -ish fight. Very few kicks in that fight, although the bit where Comedian throws the knife and Ozy catches it, is very cool.
As the other guy said, Batman isn't super-human, but something like
that is probably on the borderline of human vs super-human, so seeing
Bats do something like that would be on the edge of believability,
I think it could work.

Have to agree with what the other guy said about slo-mo, that's gotta
go. MOS really benefitted from not having any at all. In fact, I think it
was deliberately used in Watchmen, to simulate some of the panels
from the Watchmen comic (particularly the one where Comedian gets
punched in the face).

I totally agree with you in that whatever Bats ends up wearing is going to make Tony Jaa/ Donny Yen acrobatics a bit too difficult, plus the fact that Ben Affleck is physically a lot bigger than those guys. Batman in the movies has never been very acrobatic (thus the reliance on the grappling gun).

Not so sure about groups of guys attacking one person at once,
my experience of people being attacked by multiple opponents usually involves the victim getting grabbed by one attacker while at least
one other smacks him from behind. From there, it usually ends up with the victim on the ground getting a kicking/stomping from the other assailants.
What can I say, I've lived in some rough neighbourhoods.

Anyway, thanks for the post ! Cheers

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