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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by Rocanrol View Post
Nice post Batmannerism. Although I could see the point of the choreographic part of WC/WT, Batman is mainly about practical fighting, and that's what WC is all about. The page you posted even says so.

This is the best example I could find online, but I think you can appreciate the sense of flow it has. Also feels natural with time, because demands of you having whole control of all your body.

We train one-on-one, against multiple targets, blindfolded and protecting someone, against different kind of weapons.

But I also believe, Batman being a master of all martial arts and weapons, should fight with a combination of these, but heavily combat realistic.

Thank you for the good vibes although!

Emin Boztepe is going to give a conference in my country in November!

Thanks man.

One final thought on the Batman - WC thing, lots of people have said it, but there is really no one superior style, just superior fighters. So Batman probably would have studied WC at some point, and have some WC incorporated into his fighting style -but along with tons of other stuff.

That mix of skills, plus his natural athleticism, and determination, are what make him great - also, if you know something about someone else's style that means you know what to expect and that gives you an edge. I bet Batman would have studied many many different styles so that even if he didn't use their moves often, he could figure out ways to beat them.

Enjoy your conference, don't let your hands get too sticky !


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