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Default Re: Odd or amusing things to wonder while watching Thor...

The movie Thor ornament I haven't seen. the pez dispenser I made into a flash drive lol

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
Seeing Vartha's picture over in the main spoilers thread (Thor The Dark World forum) sent me on a Google search. . . .

Movie Thor tree ornament:

Avengers ornaments (including Thor) on glass spheres:

Yarn ornaments--too adorable, except why is Thor a brunette?

A whole bunch of mythic Thor ornaments:

Kirby Thor:

I was going to call this "Decapitated Thor", but it's actually the top from a Thor Pez, which is even better!

Coipel Thor:

Simonson Thor? from

One after my own heart. The full text of Thor's lines in this panel reads, "Verily it is beyond belief! To think another would smite Thor in defense of Jane Foster!!"

Ho, ho, ho!

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