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Default Re: Discussion: North Africa & Southwest Asia Regional Issues II

Originally Posted by Midnyte_Sun View Post
Even if it is a 'gray' conflict with no true heroes or villains, that doesn't negate the veracity of the occupation, nor the main sources of the problem. That problem is that one party in the conflict is receiving the bulk of aid, bulk of UN support, and the bulk of US political support. That one party is also tied with the same parties that have stalled and dismantled the peace process, one Israeli settlement at a time.
But does being the underdog instantly make the Palestinians morally superior in all areas to the Israelis? This what i am talking about, some left wingers siding with the underdog instantly. Its counterproductive and based on emotionalism rather then objective analysis. There is too much emotionalism in this conflict, neither side is willing to do what is needed to resolve this conflict because they both tell themselves fairy tails where the other side is pure evil, while they are pure good. Nothing is going to get solved with these oversimplifications in place.

Originally Posted by Midnyte_Sun View Post
This is a very successful apartheid campaign to push indigenous Palestinians into reservations while the Israelis carve up most of Palestinian territory into their own nation. Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, are all caustic reactions to this colonization.
Okay, but was Israel created because the Zionist movement were a bunch of cartoonish super villains who just wanted Palestinians suffer and took their land just because of the desperation that came out of the Holocaust? Its not always black and white. You can argue Israel has better reason for existing then a lot of other countries, that did worse, for more selfish reasons.

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