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Default Re: Discussion: North Africa & Southwest Asia Regional Issues II

Did Optimus really just compare Hamas to the Catholic Church? Wow. I'm just.... wow.

Al Qaeda gives money to Islamic charities too. That doesn't mean they're not a terrorist group through and through. Your comparison between the moral failings of some priests within the Catholic Church and Hamas a group which trains people to blow themselves up on Israeli buses and in night-clubs is just ridiculous. Nice token pic too. Of course there's hateful Jewish extremists. No one is disputing that. But for every one pic of those you find, I'm sure I could match you with a Palestinian kid standing in front of a "death to Jews" graffiti scrawl. So you're really proving nothing, except extremism is everywhere. But only one government entity is dedicated to the complete extermination of the other side and that is Hamas.

How can you make peace with an enemy that not only hates you, but refuses to acknowledge your very existence?

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