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Default Re: Discussion: North Africa & Southwest Asia Regional Issues II

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
Frankly that whole "you can't make peace with terrorists" is malarkey.

They're attacking us by the means at their disposal, which makes for more low rent tactics like dirty bombs and suicide bombers.

But then you have high tech genocide being handed down by Israel.

No it doesn't "forgive" Hamas, but people frequently try to paint Hamas as different from the IDF or certain Israeli factions when they're all the same and just using different methods.

Hamas has those same mixtures of good and bad. If you're going to punish them for terrorism it's simply morally irresponsible that Israel gets vetoes and revisionist news reporting every time they kill a civilian.

They currently lead that body count of civilians 10-1 against Hamas and other anti-Israel forces in that area.

Quite ironically too, they've soured their own reputation.

Islam had anti-Semite elements just like Christianity, but tolerance for Jews in the Arab world has waned severely. They used to have Jews living next door, going to school together, and babysitting each others children.

Israel has pretty much tried to force Apartheid from day one.

So yes, Hamas is an extreme Islmo-fascist organization but their goal is bore out of circumstances beyond their control. Hamas probably would have zero support if Israel wasn't breaking non proliferation treaties and arming themselves to the teeth, attacking civilian targets unprovoked.

No you can't "forgive" Hamas but you can certainly say whatever bad they've done Israel has at least matched.
So, exactly how should we or any other country propose peace with a group of people that believe, if you do not believe in Allah and follow Islam, you are an infadel and should die....? Just wonderin'...Or in this particular case, want Israel blown off the face of the earth? I will DEFINITELY agree that the tactics that Israel has thus far taken have led to more violence, and I am one that calls what they are doing as Apartheid, without question...but again the question is, how would YOU propose peace between these two groups when one group is bent on ethnic cleansing and the other on death to most all????


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