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Default Re: Discussion: North Africa & Southwest Asia Regional Issues II

Originally Posted by floreairfoot View Post
Israel doesn't celebrate the killing of civilians, but it has become a necessary evil for their own safety.
Of course they do. It goes widely unreported here but they hate the Arabs every bit as much as Hamas hates them. They celebrate the death of Arabs constantly.

It really irritates me that Islam is the evil religion; they are no more or less evil.

The Jewish Torah and Christian Bible is basically a manual on ethnic cleansing. This notion we need to white wash everything done in the name of God or Yahweh is insulting to people of moral character. Also this notion that one races suffering outweighs another is absurd, especially when Judaism is not a race. Nor is Islam.

Of course I think this is the logical end to any culture that desensitized themselves with Bronze Age myths.

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