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Default Re: Discussion: North Africa & Southwest Asia Regional Issues II

One of the things that confounds me is Zionism. Religion confounds me in general, but Zionism, and it's influence, really disturbs me.

Firstly, I can completely understand it's Western appeal. From the onset it's a "losers versus winners" and "good versus evil" story of Moses, that for most Evangelicals and even casual Christians is their favorite story other than Jesus. It's very much in the forefront of the public's mind. One of our greatest movies is what? The Ten Commandments. What gets taught in schools and homes across America as a basic morality code; the ten commandments.

I actually don't think this is some plot by the Jews or a conspiracy, just to be clear. I think this is just how things ended up, for some pretty obvious reasons when you think on who the first settlers were, and many since.

So I think, to Americans it's very obvious to us that Jews belong in Israel, Charlton Heston said so in that movie! Although I think the internet is now giving people global vision to where the suffering of Palestians is equally as human as the suffering of anyone else.

It's also not unlikely that our interests converged even on a Global and economic scale either.

What bothers me about Zionism is it's a heaping pile of dogsh**.

The Bible, most noteably the Old Testament, is largely false. Completely stinking false. The jews were never in that number in Egypt, then likely didn't even exist at the time of the supposed expulsion. Those driven from Egypt likely came in contact with the Jews, passing the story along, and eventually the Jews just told it as if it were about themselves. This is widely accepted by archeology, history and even genetic mapping of human migration. It's ridiculous that this still gets pushed on an educational level.

Conceiveably any country could ally with any country, as evidenced by how quickly the US became friends with Russia, but you're reasoning in the twenty first century can't be "because some fairly tale told me I'm supposed to live here". That may have flown in 1942, when it was probably more generally assumed those things were true (I must confess, I know not in what year it became clear the Moses stories, and most of the Old Testament was mostly fictional -- surprisingly, many think Samson may have existed, also because of the way it's told. It's a unique story amongst the others).

But that's ultimately what I dislike about Zionism.

I'm really unconvinced that this is about "Zion" and the "New Messiah". I don't believe people in power, who have seen so much of the world, believe in any of that religious nonsense. I think they understand it more as an opiate, see it's usefulness, use it for their own purposes because they know it's emotionally satisfying for others. I think everything comes down to land, money and resources.

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