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Default Re: Discussion: North Africa & Southwest Asia Regional Issues II

Originally Posted by Thundercrack85 View Post
I would say that the Jews overall have been considerably more tolerant. The Palestinians were talking about wiping out the Jews before Israel even existed. The Grand Mufti of Palestine even tried to get Hitler to send death squads to the Levant.

Having said that, there was a lot of racism between the Ashkenazis and the Sephardic Jews. Lot of that has been swept under the rug, since their neighbors want to exterminate both of them. But it's something that rarely comes up these days.
Well, first of all, Palestian today is not Palestian of the pre-1940s.

This is Palestine in the 1930s

Pretty spectacular place, no? (Admittedly I have no idea what this looks like today).

Anyhoo, you can look this up about anywhere but the Jews were numbered at about 400,000 in Palestine before the 1940s and according to the British they got along very well with the Palestinians and only a few minor flair ups were reported.

So this tru-ism that floats around about the Jews and Palestians or Jews and Muslims being 'hated rivals' is historically inaccurate. That's not to say Jews and Muslims haven't clashed, just that they've also clashed with Buddhists and Christians as well. So it's certainly not fair to say that, for a very extended period in Palestine the Jews appear to have no issue living alongside Palestians.

Also there were all sorts of people there at the time to. British, French, and I think they had several others as well.

Also, most of the people in Palestine, during the war, the Arabs and Jews, fought for the Allies side by side if I'm not mistaken.

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