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Default Re: Discussion: North Africa & Southwest Asia Regional Issues II

It's way too late to expect the Israelis to leave, just like it's too late to expect Americans to leave, or Australians to leave, or to "take" part of Germany, "make" the Germans leave and "give" it to Jews, like that nonsense someone mentioned earlier, as if anyone has any authority to do such a thing, and as if it wouldn't be as morally wrong as the Nazis were, to force Germans who weren't even alive during the Holocaust off their homes and give them to Jews who weren't victims of the Holocaust either.

I support a two state solution. Unfortunately, there are too many extremists on both sides who believe it's rightfully "mine, all mine" and have this "then no man shall!" mindset.

You can fit like 3 more scenes if you play the chorus twice like in the actual song.

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