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Default Re: What direction would you have liked the third act to go in?

There was no motivation or character development or anything. She was bland and lifeless. At least Harada had a back story, a job, a personal relationship to Mariko, and a character arc.

I would have liked Viper gone from the entire movie, replaced with more character scenes for everyone else. Last act, ninja fight in the snow leading up to Logan's capture. But the facility could be different. Logan could bring the samurai sword Yashida gave him and return it to him via stabbing. The whole scene should have been different. Like the OP said, a more ancient type building.

I would have liked Yukio to be towing the line of good and bad. Yukio should have had the Viper role. She also didnt need to be a mutant. Why do there have to be extra mutants running around??

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