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Default Re: Honest Attempt at a Title Thread

Originally Posted by Smashlilman View Post
ROFL Street Fighter the movie was one of those movies that you had to turn off all parts of your brain to Enjoy. I kind of enjoyed it mostly becasue it was so bad it was funny. Thank god I wasn't a Street Fighter fan back then like I am now. Weird I was a hardcore Mortal Kombat fan (1-3) as a kid then became a Street fighter fan in my late teens (X-men vs. Street Fighter/Marvel vs. Capcom 1-3/Street Fighter 4).
I watched it when I was 10 or 11. What was the point in having Dhalsim in the movie? the guy didn't stretch at all. And then his hair got burnt off, and his clothes... Suddenly he kinda resembled the video game version. Weird!

Mortal Kombat traumatized me when I was a kid. The first fatality I saw was the one where Kano rips out the skeleton. I had a crush on Sheeva (yeah, I always liked strange women). Then I got to play the first game, and when I saw Goro I got depressed. I wanted Sheeva, not that ugly bastard

Today I like Street Fighter better. Not a big fan of gore anymore.

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