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Default Re: Kevin Costner up for a role?

I see him doing Pa Kent.

I know the Kent's are usually older than most when they first find Clark, but I never liked them being practically already senior citizens.

I also really liked John Schneider as Johnathan. A bit younger than would be ideal for me, which is actually why I like this casting. It feels like it will be similar to that, only older, but not too old.

All that said, Costner is 6'1", same height as Cavill. I wonder if they will tweak that a bit with lifts in scenes together, just to keep Clark a touch taller?

Apparently in Smallville, though Tom and John are both listed at 6'3", Tom would often be in socks, and John in shoes, shooting a scene, and Tom still looks taller.

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Thanks Cconn, for the avvy.

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