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Default Re: Is Superman A Jesus Metaphor?

Well…. It's safe to say that Superman has been THE superhero most equated to the Messiah figure relation. I don't think there's any danger is walking down that road again. I do think this movie will be a little more realistic in how the world will accept this Invinsible Flying Man. We would most definitely want him under some containment until we understood that he was no threat to humanity and that there weren't thousands more like him. So I don't think it s a persecution thing but I think the Messiah thing will keep coming up anytime you bring up Superman.

The Messiah thing is one more contemporary way to dissect the Superman story but all these SUPER HUMAN beings have always been closer equated to the classic Greek Gods and Demi Gods. Flash/Mercury Superman/Hercules Batman??? Not so much…But a lot of those DemiGods had the same origins of being sent to aid mankind by their Diety Parent(S).

In that way you could say that Jesus may have just been a Hercules Metaphor… It all depends on how you like to cook it.

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