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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

Originally Posted by InternetPeople View Post
You shot down his idea without offering an alternative. You didn't raise discussion or explore the idea, you just disagreed.
And according to what forum rules am I not allowed to only express my reaction/disagreement? Look, I wasn't looking to shoot his idea down or attack him, I was simply replying with my gut reaction at the time. I believe even short responses can start up a discussion. I don't think that is unfair, even if I didn't propose an alternative. But if you're looking for one...

Gotham's Knight, I hope you didn't take offense to my reaction. Here is my response: I think you can achieve both showing Ant-Man's origin and setting up Ultron as the Avengers 3 villain in just one movie. I don't think you would need two separate ones. I think the only reason Marvel would plan a second Ant-Man movie before Avengers 3 would be if Ant-Man somehow became a huge pop culture icon that demanded a sequel, the way Iron Man did. As excited as I am to see an Ant-Man by Edgar Wright, I don't think he will achieve that level of popularity at this point.

That's just my opinion. If you want two Ant-Man movies before Avengers 3, have it your way! I still don't think it will happen.

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