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Default Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Jake Solomon on XCOM iOS and the 'happy accident' of mobile strategy games

(1 hour ago)

"This isn't just like a port to a new platform," XCOM: Enemy Unknown designer Jake Solomon tells me over the phone. "From a development angle, this is one of the – and I honestly can't think of another experience except for The Walking Dead – where it's a game, a AAA game that we just put out on consoles, and we're putting the whole thing out to tablet. This is something that I can't take any design credit for, but turn-based strategy games work really well on mobile devices. It's sort of a happy accident, in that sense."

The project can be traced back to the time when Firaxis was finishing up its work on XCOM: Enemy Unknown for PC and consoles. 2K China presented a version of the game running on iOS, and from there Firaxis would work with them on the portable incarnation due this summer. It features the full functionality seen on other platforms, thanks to the Unreal foundation that has played nice with iOS since late 2010.

"Without Unreal, it certainly wouldn't have been possible," Solomon says.

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And on further news on this

XCOM iOS multiplayer to be added after launch

(44 minutes ago)

The iOS version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown will launch with the full single-player experience seen on consoles and PC, with multiplayer modes following later.

"We're sort of focusing our design resources on the single-player experience. We're certainly going to provide [multiplayer] after launch," XCOM: Enemy Unknown designer Jake Solomon tells Joystiq. "The single-player is what we really – we know that for it to feel like XCOM, the single-player needs a lot of our focus. So we're playing, giving feedback, making sure it feels nice and polished. It's just we're focusing our resources on single-player first."

2K Games is tentatively slating XCOM: Enemy Unknown for launch on iOS sometime this summer. Pricing is still being determined, though Solomon says the game will exact an up-front fee and won't hinge on in-app purchases.


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