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Default Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

The covert operative class and missions will be interesting. Ok so from what they showed in the article and two videos above and just put on their wikia page.

The expansion introduces a new enemy faction in the form of a clandestine human terrorist organization titled EXALT. While not allied with the aliens, EXALT harbor transhumanist ideals and sympathize with the aliens' effort to evolve mankind; where others fear or resist the alien invasion, EXALT sees it as their opportunity acquire the resources they need to seize power. So like XCOM, EXALT is operating in the shadows and endeavoring to recover alien technology and harness the powers of gene modification but, unlike XCOM, their ultimate goal is to rule the world.
EXALT actively works to disrupt XCOM's activities as they oppose XCOM's efforts to stop the aliens' invasion and human experimentation and XCOM is a rival in the acquisition of alien technology. To this end, EXALT infiltrate council nations all around the world and set up sleeper cells which can initiate one of three different operations against XCOM: Sabotage, steals funding from XCOM; Propaganda, increase panic in the country where the cell is located; or a Research Hack, delays or even reverses progress on the project currently being researched. XCOM commanders will be able to scan for EXALT activity from the situation room and be able to launch and command covert operations against them.
To eliminate EXALT as an enemy, XCOM commanders will be collecting clues as to which country their main base is located in. If the XCOM commander guesses the wrong country, that council member will not appreciate the accusation that they harbor the transhumanist group and pull their funding. This will permanently cease their support for the XCOM project.
EXALT operatives will be upgraded through genetic modification, increasing their threat on the battlefield. EXALT operatives generally wear every day clothing, such as shirts and ties, rather than armor, as they are not trained soldiers.
EXALT has four classes of paramilitary agents that maybe encountered in the field:
  • Operative
  • Sniper
  • Heavy
  • Medic
Additionally it has been revealed that as the game progresses these agents will receive upgraded equipment (laser tier weapons are seen in the Security Breach Trailer) and new extreme gene mods (unavailable even to your soldiers).
Class Changes and New Technology

  • Support's Deep Pockets now gives an additional charge to limited use items like Grenades, Arc Throwers, Medikits, etc.
  • Support's Covering Fire now fires before the enemy uses its weapon.
  • Assault's Close and Personal perk is now called Up Close and Personal: gives a free shot when within 4 tiles of an enemy.
  • Heavy's HEAT Ammo damage bonus reduced to +50% against robots.
  • Sniper's Snap Shot aim penalty reduced from -20 to -10.
  • Sniper's Squad Sight only gives Critical Damage if Headshot is used.
  • New grenades:
    • Needle Grenade has a big blast radius but doesn't destroy cover or affect allies/enemies in cover from the grenade's blast origin; unlocked after researching Chryssalid Autopsy
    • Stealth Grenade splashes allies with a temporary invisibility paint
    • Gas Grenade uses synthesized Thin Man poison; robotic units are immune.
    • Flashbang Grenade disorients enemies (severe Aim and movement penalties); robotic units are immune.
  • Mimic Beacon: An item which tossed similar to a grenade that emits a signal that tricks aliens into thinking it's human, drawing them towards it and away from any nearby player units; the beacon won't fool robotic or psionic aliens.
  • Respirator Implant: An item that works similar to a Nano-fiber Vest by adding health, but also provides immunity to the Seeker's Strangle attack. (Chitin Plating has also been improved to provide Strangle immunity.)
  • Reaper Rounds grant ballistic weapons a bonus to Critical Hit chance but with reduced accuracy.
  • New Foundry projects:
    • Tactical Rigging: Available early in the game, but relatively expensive, this upgrade will grant all classes two item slots.
    • Shaped Armor: adds extra health to all MEC Troopers and S.H.I.V.s.
    • Advanced Servomotors: will increase mobility for all MEC Troopers and S.H.I.V.s.
Gameplay and Interface Changes

  • The game intro will receive a new quote, replacing the one from Arthur C. Clarke:
    • “Those who play with the devil’s toys will be brought by degrees to wield his sword.” -Buckminster Fuller
  • There will be a new tutorial mission introducing Meld that can be played in addition to or in place of the regular tutorial mission or disabled completely.
  • The expansion will include the Operation Progeny content (originally planned as a DLC release like Slingshot) which has been tweaked to fit with the expansion's new narrative elements, but can still be enabled/disabled separately like Slingshot.
  • Enemies that don't utilize cover (Mechtoids, Cyberdiscs, Sectopods) may enter Overwatch when spotted.
  • S.H.I.V.s can receive a Sentinel Mode upgrade that gives them a Close Combat Specialist-like ability and receive additional bonuses from upgrades that also improve MECs.
  • New Second Wave options:
    • Aiming Angles: Flanking system reworked with the closer a unit gets to flanking an enemy, the more its cover bonus declines.
    • Save Scum: Saving a game will reset the RNG seed for the shots.
    • Itchy Trigger Tentacle: Non-cover aliens (Mechtoid and Sectopod) have a 50% chance of firing at your soldiers upon being spotted.
    • Training Roulette: After a Soldier receives a Class and their first ability, additional ranks can grant randomized abilities from a pool of the all the Class abilities sets minus any skills that are dependent on a specific weapons (which are still Class locked). So you could have an Assault with Sprinter or a Heavy with Deep Pockets
  • Panic rebalanced to make it less likely for soldiers to fire on their squad mates; panic will now include an Aim penalty which will also make those rarer incidents of "friendly fire" less likely to hit.
  • Critical bonus of stealth attacks reduced from 100 to 30.
  • Pre-mission/squad selection User Interface improvements: Equipped items for soldiers now appear below each soldier's name and rank in and there will be a button ("Make item available") in the that strips all equipment from any soldiers not currently assigned to the Skyranger team.
  • You can now personalize your soldier's voice using the available audio packs for the current language localizations (French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Polish).
  • Memorial Wall will now feature "killed by" information with each name.
  • There's an option to disable Dr. Vahlen's and Dr. Shen's tutorial voice overs.
  • Normal difficulty may actually be slightly easier to beat due to the new tech but Classic and Impossible difficulties will be getting harder; in addition to the challenge of new enemies, research times and experience required for soldiers to rank up will be slightly increased.
  • According to a recent Kotaku article, Sectopods may be receiving buffs to increase their toughness when compared to the Mechtoid.
  • There will be new helmets, new armor decos for all armor types, and even new tint colors for customizing your soldiers. The colorization of main weapons is now affected by the tinting chosen for armor.
  • There will be a number of bug fixes (including the "teleport bug" and a variety of cover related bugs).
  • Laboratories will offer some incremental protection against Research Hacks by EXALT.
New Maps

  • There will be 47 new maps. New map types will include a bank, a new truck stop, a roadhouse, an ice cream shop, a coffee shop, a dam, an automobile repair/service shop, a rural highway construction site and several new crashed UFO maps (urban, farm, and possibly even snow).
  • Some of the original Enemy Unknown maps have been "tweaked", some to address exploding cars issues and to add Meld containers; old and new maps will be mixed together but the game is set so that you'll see more of the new maps during a gameplay (for initial playthroughs but evening out over time).
New Missions

Covert Operations

The expansion introduces Covert Operations as a way to counter the threat possessed by EXALT and these missions bring new strategic and tactical challenges to the game.
Covert Data Recovery
Covert Extraction
Operation Progeny


Based on achievement analysis, scenes from the Security Breach trailer, and many allusions by Ananda Gupta, it is likely some sort of XCOM base mission is also included in the expansion.

  • You can now edit your squad and save several loadouts in offline mode.
  • Multiplayer unit costs been rebalanced: Rookies and other basic units have received point reductions as have AoE weapons like grenades and rockets.
  • Mechtoid and Seeker added.
  • 8 more maps for Multiplayer.

Easter Eggs

  • Some Easter Eggs related to The Bureau: XCOM Declassified will be hidden in the expansion: a fedora is one of the new helmet/hair options available to soldiers and in an interview with The Sixth Axis, Ananda hinted specifically at combing the database and renaming a soldier for others.

source: XCOM:_Enemy_Within's wikia

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