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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
I never disagreed he looked at page 3. Evah.
Thus, Wayne wasn't the top story

Plenty. The flick makes no attention to the headline on the paper because there is none. Just an obscured Batman pic ya can hardly even see unless ya take a screen cap at one shot and stare at the paper to make it out.
The flick doesn't make mention because there is bigger fish to fry. Name me one reason Fox would say "You made the front page, yay!!!!". No. It's not needed. Since we have a pic clearly shown what is the main headline, that's all we need to know besides the stubborn ones who only accept fact if it's shown on film.


It's during the scene Blake helps escorting Wayne away from the paparazzi and when we see the front page of the Gotham Post, the picture looks exactly the same of Bruce walking out of Wayne Tower earlier that day.

I know what ya said. Ya said Batman was and ya had to go pic hunting to try and prove it.
I didn't have to go pic hunting to prove anything. Only now did I have to prove to you that there were two separate newspapers my friend

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