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Default Re: Spidey in the Avengers?

It, however, sends the point across in a way that everyone can understand. Studios work the same way. It's hard to believe. But, they actually do.

The logic here would be the atmosphere and things SONY may be unsure about:
1) They are starting over due to horrible reception of Spider-Man 3. It made money, but general audiences seemed to hate it for the most part. That's not good news. Others are turned off that it is a reboot rather than Spider-Man 4. It's going to be an uphill battle.
2) It's up against The Dark Knight Rises practically, as well, which may hurt it a lot.
3) The Avengers seems to be gaining, if I remember correctly in anticipation polls - it's much higher than The Amazing Spider-Man. Being attached could help it.

Basically the logistics of "why?" come in mostly because of the atmosphere of where it is and when it is. If this was any other summer, I wouldn't see the point personally. But, here due to all of that they could be thinking about getting any help they can. Not saying it is going to happen - but legally it could - and with this atmosphere it is possible that the "divided Marvel" will unite in someway.

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