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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by The Infernal View Post
War Machine looks interesting. I'm wondering if that's a separate colour scheme we can expect from him in the movie.
I'm kind of expecting War Machine to wear a couple suits in this movie. Some of Stark's suits end up being a threat to them and they have to switch to new suits by the end. I think in total we'll see War Machine with a couple different suits after the Iron Patriot becomes Taggerts. Extremis soldier is kind of what Coldblood is, but ColdBlood also has the nerve neutralizer from Iron Man 1, which gives him his codename. He uses the device Mandarin/Stane had their subsidiary AIM build to freeze peoples' activities/nerves. However, this extension of Mandarin's reach is being directly controlled by Mandarin. Firepower/Patriot not so much at first. Later he injects others with Extremis to take over their nervous systems and try to turn them into cyber-soldiers as well. In some ways them blindly following and being bio-mechanical is compared to the Chitauri and Tony begins to understand the Chitauri were bio-mechanical slaves and being electronically controlled by someone other than Loki. After Stark blew up the thing on the other side of the portal it severed the connection that was controlling the Chitauri cyber-zombies.

Tony needs to blow up the thing that's controlling the virus part of Extremis, AIM's central AI that's being built as a military defense network.

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