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Default Re: Arrested Development - Part 1

The only thing I don't get is, why did they film scenes that took place in the same episode of season 3 yet everyone obviously has aged so much? I like when it takes place years later but that post Queen Mary meeting was not a good idea. It feels like a retcon because it would appear Michael and George Michael were escaping the family at the end of season 3. Finally. For real. Why not just have season 4 take place years later without the flashback? Why not say they DID get away, at least for a vacation or something.
Unless the joke was that they HAVE aged and that is the point of it? Or did they really think we wouldn't notice Lindsay and George-Michael's obvious ageness?

I loved the Michael, GOB, Lucille, Tobias, Maeby and George-Michael episodes. Especially the GOB, Maeby and George-Michael's. I was worried about George Michael until his first episode and I found myself loving it more than the others. Great idea to parody Social Network/Jesse Eisenberg's resemblance to Michael Cera.

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