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Default Re: Arrested Development - Part 1

Originally Posted by Matt View Post
I agree with the criticism that the show needs a B-plot and C-plot as certain characters like Maeby, Lindsay and even George Sr. aren't really strong enough to carry their own episodes, but the writers were clever enough to tie in other characters, so it works. On a whole, it is amazing how high quality this is. The creative team just jumps back in without skipping a beat.

George Michael's episode has been a pleasant surprise. I don't care for Michael Cera so I didn't expect much but it is pretty funny. I love that GM didn't know who Lucielle 2 is. The family singing happy birthday at his graduation party. "But for the phrase 'as I live and breathe,' he nailed it." It is gold.
Wow, totally didnt pick up on that , reminds me of "And the family continued chanting speech for no one in particular"

"The power of the Cube is MINE to control, you were a FOOL to come here. You have no one to blame but YOURSELF!"

"Please, no human can hold such power"

"You're WRONG!"....."ONE can"
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