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Default Re: Arrested Development - Part 1

I haven't been on the Hype in ages, but I just finished this and felt like sharing. My worthless two cents:

The biggest criticism I could find is also the most attractive aspect of the new series for me, and that is its format. The single character perspective is brilliant. Dissecting each episode/event through the different family members was a nice touch. I loved the continuity of the original series and this new format allowed that same continuity to creep back; the gags on top of gags with subtle references to previous episodes are definitely there. However, it's nice when the family is able to interact with each other as a group and that's hardly what we are given. It's not so much a compliant, I just wanted more... more? I mean, what the hell was with that ending? I felt like everything was so well thought out and tied together to lead to nothing. Anticlimactic is being nice. There had better be more!

I greatly enjoyed where they decided to take Michael and have him finally give up on the family. It's hilarious, dark and so Bluth.

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