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Default Re: Is Batman justified when he refuses to kill? Do you wish he was more like Superma

Originally Posted by Shikamaru
Furthermore, Batman has many arguments to counter Superman's "I had no choice but to do it" statement. You've probably seen some of those same arguments on this site. How exactly did he have to kill Zod in that situation? There are plenty of other things he could have done. He could have flew with him. He could've covered his eyes. Pull his head back so that he fries the ceiling instead of the people. The list goes on. Why didn't Superman do any of these things? Because he was stressed out, put under pressure, could not keep his cool or think rationally. Those things are perfectly normal human reactions and the vast majority of people would have reacted the same way if put into that situation. But Batman has always been a guy who remains calm and calculative even in the worst situations and, to an extent, views what Superman experienced in that moment as a weakness that people can exploit. Thus even if Batman knows exactly what happened in that museum, it would only be evidence for him that Superman lets pressure & his emotions get a hold of him and is thus dangerous having all that power.
Let's say Superman did manage to stop Zod from killing that family without breaking his neck. What then? Zod was determined to kill as many people as possible. At that point he had no other goal except for revenge by mass murder.

Batman could have mentioned all these other things Superman could have done to save that family without resorting to killing Zod, but that doesnt stop Zod's immediate threat to humanity. In reality, short of killing Zod, there was nothing else Superman could have done to stop Zod and Batman would have agreed.

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