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Default Re: Wolverine 3 - March 3, 2017

I am not entirly sure this will be hugh's last wolverine appearance.

Now with this coming so soon after Apocalypse it's entirly possibly he sits out
Apocalypse.Although maybe Apocalypse will have mid or post credit scene to
setup or tease next wolverine film just as The Wolverine did with DOFP.

Then there Is question what Is the mystery 2018 film. Be it X-Men/FF,X-Men sequel or even X-force Wolverine's appearance is not out of question especilly
If the mystery project Is X-Men/FF film or OT sequel directed by Bryan Singer

On twitter it was pointed out if hugh Is in both this and Apocalypse he would have been in 3 trilogys as wolverine

2:Solo Wolverine

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