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Havok had led Cyclops and Phoenix up to the roof where the stratojet was sitting.

Jean, take Alex and go.

What about you? And the others?

I'll take care of it. I have to finish things here.

I'm not leaving.

Please, Jean. I thought I lost you both. I don't want to take that chance again.

He gave her a pleading look before turning back and running back down into the compound. Phoenix looked back at Havok, unsure of what to do.

Come on, let's go if we're going.


She couldn't explain it, but Phoenix at that moment was now feeling the same way she had felt during that whole time that eventually culminated with her almost sacrificing her life to save the one's she loved. She felt like something terrible was going to happen.

PHOENIX: (Con't)
No I can't go. You stay here, I'll come back for you.


Kitty was sitting on the ground in her phased form, now her right leg and left arm had faded away. Xavier was sitting with her, trying to keep her as calm as possible as now her left leg was beginning to fade into nothingness.

If it were possible, Kitty would have been sobbing by now.

Professor...if I die-

You're going to be alright, Katherine. Just try to remain calm.

Can Ms. Grey really help me?

Yes, Katherine. You wouldn't believe the things that she is capable of now.

Xavier turned his wheelchair around and stared up at the ceiling as he whispered to himself;

XAVIER: (Con't)
Jean...where are you?


Pyro had formed two lines of flame and sent them towards Iceman who raised his hands and shot out a thick stream of ice. Just like the last time they fought, the two powers collided, Pyro pushed against the ice, Iceman pushed against the fire. This went on for several minutes until both of them started to weaken. Pyro's legs started to shake and Iceman's arms were lowering.

Finally, both men released at the same time and they tumbled to the ground, panting as they tried to recover.

After about a minute, Iceman extended his hand and created a thick ball of ice. He launched it at Pyro who quickly formed a line of flame which melted it. Iceman was shocked, it was his most accurate ice ball and it had failed. He then realized that ice blasts weren't going to hurt Pyro, he was too hot for that. He was going to have to strike him close.

Holding his hands up, Iceman formed a ice-slide to advance on Pyro and surfed towards him, sending an ice blast at him which nailed Pyro square in the chest, knocking the wind out of him.

Pyro was now angry and Iceman was so close that he wasn't able to defend himself from the next attack as Pyro sent a strong fireball at him, knocking him off balance and he crashed, hard to the ground.

Now that he was cornered, Pyro extended his hands and fired a stream of flame from each fingertip at his former friend. Iceman tried to freeze the multiple flames coming at him but Pyro re-lit them faster then Iceman could muster up the energy to escape his predicament.

The heat was getting to him, he could feel his ice form slowly start to melt away, which once that was all gone his powers would deplete, leaving him in a giant puddle of flowing ice.

Both of you stop!

By this time the ice in between the bars of Rogue's cell had melted and she could now see what was going on. Pyro pulled his fire away and Iceman fell to one knee. He was now gasping for air and Pyro now actually had a look of concern, wondering if he had really hurt his one time best friend.

ROGUE: (Con't)
John, why did you leave?! Just tell him the real reason, or I will!

Pyro stared at Rogue for a long moment before taking a deep breath and looked back to Iceman.

Because you let me.

Rogue blinked.

Back on the jet?

Iceman had recovered by this point. He shook his head.

You can't put that on me. You left. You're the one who left.

Pyro laughed a little.

Right, it's always me. Whatever, think what you want Bobby.

If I asked you to stay-

I would have. But you didn't, and it doesn't really matter now.

So that's why you left with Magneto?

Pyro lowered his eyes and stared at the ground. Rogue bit her bottom lip as Iceman returned to his normal appearance and his expression now held a bit of pain. It was like he knew what Pyro was talking about, even if he wasn't saying it. And Rogue knew what he was trying to say because Bobby had felt the same way.

ICEMAN: (Con't)
All you ever had to do was tell me.

You never said anything either.

I thought you'd kill me.

Pyro smiled slightly.

I probably would have.

Pyro then looked up and met Iceman's stare and at that moment, all the previous anger and tension that was between them faded away. If only one of them had the guts to say it back when John was still at the school, things might have turned out different. Still...maybe it wasn't too late.


Wolverine, Beast, and Storm stood in front of Sinister with mutant-inhibitor collars on. Harpoon and Scrambler stood on either side of them with spears ready in hand, just in case they tried anything.

Was this the best you could do? Was this really the best the great Charles Xavier could come up with? My Marauders have defeated you so easily, twice now. You will not interfere with my greatest experiment. The future belongs to superior mutants, the ones I will create. None of you are necessary.

Sinister then approached Storm.

Except for you.

Don't touch her.

Or you'll what? Growl at me some more?

Sinister laughed before grabbing Storm's chin, forcing her to meet his eyes.

You control the weather, huh? I'll have use for your DNA.


The collars on the three X-Men were suddenly released. Wolverine didn't waste any time as he tore it off and struck Harpoon with his fist. Storm and Beast followed suit as Storm struck Scrambler with lightning while Beast assisted Wolverine.

Sinister spun around in shock to see Gambit standing behind him, the controllers in hand, a look of defiance on his face.

What are you doing?

What I need to do.

I taught you control.

You tried to control me!

Sinister looked to the side to see Beast dodged a spear and leap into the air, dropkicking Harpoon straight into Wolverine as he stabs him in the stomach. Harpoon's eyes widened before he fell to the ground.

Turning his head back to Gambit, Sinister spoke in a soft tone;

You could have had power beyond anyone's imagination. You were destined for greatness, to rule all mutants by my side-

And on a chain! I've had enough of this! I'm leaving, wherever I end up will be just fine with me!

So you'll trust chance?

I'll trust myself.

Sinister's face then twisted with rage as he then pointed at Gambit.

I should have let you die!

Yeah, maybe you should have.

Now to me, you're just another failed experiment.

Gambit prepared to charge up several playing cards but Sinister locked eyes with him as the diamond on his forehead began to glow.

Choke yourself.

Against his will, Gambit's hands moved to his neck and he began to follow the order. He fell to the ground, and his face began to turn red as he continued to throttle himself.

They say a man can't strangle himself to death. But you're not a man.


Sinister was suddenly hit by an optic blast. Gambit was freed as he gasped for air in-between coughs. Cyclops then fired several more optic blasts at Sinister. Sinister stumbled back after each hit. Once they stopped coming he looked down at his wounded body before smiling.

Cyclops then watched, dumbstruck as Sinister's body regenerated itself.

Gaining complete control of my body at a cellular level was the first thing I learned.

I won't be apart of your experiment, Essex.

You will not deny me this, Scott.

I will! And so does Jean! Whatever we do, whatever we become will be up to us, not you!

Sinister then reached out a hand and Cyclops went flying towards him. Sinister now had him by the throat and he lifted him into the air.

This process can either be smooth, or will be torture. It's your choice.

He then spun and tossed Cyclops to his teammates to which he collided with, knocking them all to the ground. Storm fired a lightning bolt but Sinister re-directed it back to the ceiling. It hit several metal beams which all fell to the ground with loud bangs.

Wolverine screamed in rage as he got up and charged Sinister. He simply motioned his head to the left and Wolverine went flying against a glass door which shattered. Sinister then got into his mind and ordered the command;

Choke yourself.

Involuntary, Wolverine began to do just that. He grabbed his throat and dug into it so hard he drew blood.

Beast roared as he leaped at Sinister. Jumping into the air, Beast prepared to attack him but Sinister held out his hand, freezing him in mid-strike. He then looked to the end of the room and saw that one of the metal beams ends had been split and was now like a long, sharp knife.

Smiling, Sinister thrusts out his hand and Beast is sent flying backwards. He is impaled through the chest on the beam.


Beast's eyes rolled over as he went limp and slumped forward, his forehead resting on the split metal beam. Storm let out a scream as Sinister laughed, enjoying the moment.

But, it was only brief as an explosion of telekinetic energy went off in the area of the foyer which knocked Sinister off his feet. Gambit, who was close by him, rolled and quickly got out of dodge.

Sinister quickly got up to see Phoenix, her entire body glowing with energy as she had an enraged look on her face.


Phoenix sent a blast of energy at Sinister in the form of a claw that grabbed him around his front and slammed him up against the wall.

PHOENIX: (Con't)
Do you have an idea what you have done?

She fixed an intense gaze on him, chest heaving. Telekinetic wind then began to rapidly blow around the two of them as Phoenix took the claw away.

You looked to create the ultimate mutant. What you didn't know was that one already existed.

Sinister began to levitate into the air, his skin flapping in the strong wind.

PHOENIX: (Con't)
I am power.

Sinister's body tenses up. He manages to say;



Now surrounded in a fiery aura, she focuses as the telekinetic winds spin violently around Sinister before his body explodes, completely demoleculerized.

The telekinetic storm then died down. Phoenix's body stopped glowing as she looked ahead at Cyclops and Storm carefully pulling Beast's body off of the split beam and laid him down on the floor. They were both crying over him and at this point Wolverine had recovered and had walked over to them. Wolverine looked down at Beast, shocked silent. Storm reached out and touched the cheek of Beast's furry face.


Wolverine then fell next to Storm, embracing her. Tears then finally came to his eyes as he gently rocked Storm back and forth.

Rogue, Iceman, and Pyro then walked into the room and saw what everyone was looking at. Dr. Henry McCoy, one of the Professor's first recruits, someone who had fought so hard for mutant's rights had been killed. Phoenix slowly fell to her knees, tears fell from her eyes as she knew that she could have prevented this, but it was too late. Phoenix then let out a scream of agony as she dropped down to her knees. The building then shook as a blast of telekinetic energy went off around her.

As tears fell from her eyes Phoenix suddenly sensed something else. Back at the mansion, someone was in dire need of help. It was too late to save Hank and she wouldn't let them lose anyone else tonight.

Phoenix's body then began to glow until she was fully immersed in a bright light. Then in a flash, the light disappeared and so had Phoenix.

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