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Default Re: HONEST Answers Only... Did You Cry? (SPOILERS)

In all honesty, I wanted to feel more emotion... but I didn't. Who knows, it may affect me with repeat viewings. That's what it took for TDK to sink in with me. The first time I watched TDK... I just thought it was a really good movie. After about the 3rd or 4th time watching it many months later... it hit me. The ending hit me like a ton of bricks and I realized the sacrifice that Batman/Wayne was making and the nobility was enough to break me down. I wanted a chance to be like that. To do something truly unselfish for the greater good of society. There was no personal reward for him with the only other person (other than Alfred and Fox) knowing being Gordon.

Who knows, with repeat viewings and enough time for the entire very well told story to sink in... it might hit me and in all honesty, I hope it does.

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