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Default Re: Last Days of Krypton: 100 Day Countdown to Man of Steel!

Originally Posted by TDK elbowstrike View Post
So how does everyone feel about WB's marketing of this movie now in retrospect? So hard to believe a few months ago I was complaining and now a short time later, I'm considering putting my self on lockdown. Im so scared I'll be spoiled!
Yeah I might put myself on lockdown too, were only 5 tv spots in and we've seen so much. The clips arn't long but you sure do start to build up a better idea of how this film could unfold, who knows what it'll be like by tv spot 15! I might not have a choice in going into lockdown either, moving house soon which means no internet until we get connected! I'll be using a lot of cafe's WiFi spots that's for sure.

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