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Default Re: Tony Revolori is Flash Thompson

Originally Posted by CaptainWagner View Post
Well, Flash DOES have Daddy issues, so there is that.

I think it would be interesting to see a Flash who is smart, but his dad doesn't respect that, pushing him into "manly pursuits" instead. That could play out really well, and Revolori would totally own a strong part like that. I just hope Marvel doesn't waste his talent. He's missing out on chances at Kyle Raynor or Jaime Reyes for this.
it would be an interesting take on Flash, but it wouldn't really feel like the character.

it would be like a Peter who really wants to be a jock, and maybe is actually good at soccer or whatever, but his Uncle and Aunt push him towards science instead.

Flash doesn't need to be smart like Peter. If everyone around Peter is smart, it makes him (Peter) less unique.

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