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Default Re: Tony Revolori is Flash Thompson

Originally Posted by CaptainWagner View Post
It's a given that all Peter's classmates here will be at least a little smart, he's going to a special academic school. So there's really no way to get around that. At the end of the day, though, it's not his intelligence that makes him special, so this really doesn't lessen his character at all.
it may not lessen his character, but it takes focus away from where the character should be.

Flash could still be a smart, preppy d-bag, but, imo, he NEEDS to be a big jock type character - one who's more physically intimidating than Peter.

There's no law that says you can't be both smart AND athletically gifted. indeed, that would just feed into Flash's "air of superiority" at school. He's tall, handsome, smart, and the star athlete who can get any girl he wants. He seems so "perfect."

Just like Liz Allen ( even though it should be MJ ) is the "perfect" girl to Peter and Ned, Flash is the guy Peter and Ned wish they were.

Of course, to add depth and layer to the character, there would have to be more to him than that. Beneath the "facade" of being Mr. Perfect, Flash feels insecure - he feels like all of this could be taken away from him in an instant ( maybe it happened to his dad or older brother or whatever ). That's why he's so "possessive" of his place at school - both academically and athletically. He perceives anything that could threaten his position/status with hostility and bullying.

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