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Default Re: Tony Revolori is Flash Thompson

Originally Posted by harryoscop View Post
I love Revolori as an actor. He's been great in everything I've seen him in (Dope, Grand Budapest hotel etc) he's probably the best actor in the HS cast next to Tom, and he definitely has potential to breath new life into Flash. But.... Why is this character called Flash Thompson?

- He's not a jock

- He's not athletic at all, visibly shorter than Peter & skinny

- He's not even a bully. He has a friendly, competitive rivalry relationship with Peter & Holland himself said he's not a fricking bully.

What gives? The dude is not Flash in any way. Why couldn't he just be an original character (Manuel anybody) just doesn't make sense to me.
I wasn't aware of that last part.

If Flash isn't even a bully in this, and more of a friendly rival, then what's the frickin' point of even using the character.

I mean, seriously. I'm this close to being done with this film. Every little bit of info that comes out has only served to make me less interested.

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