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Default Re: The X-men UNIFORM evolution on the sequel

I don't see what flying has to do with a cape. And Storm didn't properly fly until X3. In X1 she slightly levitated out of an elevator shaft and In X2 she never flew.

If they had somehow found a way for the cape to be usefult o storm. Like Banshee and his wings. or if they had just had storm make a passing comment on how she loved capes or something it would have been better as it would have been a persobality statement which would individualise her but they make no mention of it and it stands out. Also the cape in the movies really restrict her fighting. In X31 and X3 Storm can barely lift her arms to defend herself. They should have given her the cape wings she has in the comics or not have given her one at all.

I understand that the cape was a nod to the comics but why didn't the do the same for Jean and Logan. And Rogue, Iceman and nightcrawler in X2. They all had completely different costumes with no nods to their comic book looks.

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