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Default Re: Guardians vs. Green Lantern

Originally Posted by speno94 View Post
I know that I am bringing up bad memories and I am sure Marvel and Kevin Feige will make sure that GOTG won't turn into Green Lantern, but that has always been my concern.

I am really anticipating this film, but my ONLY concern was that I hope this doesn't turn into Marvel's Green Lantern both in quality and box office numbers.

Some people may say there are a COUPLE of similarities such as the Nova Corps vs. Green Lantern Corps and little things like Kilowog is the Green Lantern's military trainer and badass while Rocket Raccoon is the GOTG badass and weapon's expert etc.

What do you think Marvel have to do to not make this their Green Lantern and make GENERAL audiences think that this is not going to be Marvel's Green Lantern, even though I think Marvel are doing EXTREMELY well so far.
What the .....

There is absolutely nothing remotely similar between Kilowog and Rocket.

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