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Default Re: Nostalgia Critic's Top 11 Dumbest Spider-Man Moments

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
They actualy seemed to like Spider-Man 3, being fans of Sam Raimi, they seem to enjoy the trilogy, Rich Evans is the only one that doesn't seem to enjoy the films as much, Jay probably likes them the most.

Either way they don't seem to think of the films as more than enjoyable, i remember Jay stating that he did consider Evil Dead 2 a work of art, but didn't seem to view the rest of Raimi's Filmography the same way.
Well they seem to feel that way about most mainstream movies though but usually they praise movies if they manage to be more than enjoyable and Spiderman 1 and 2 manage to do that. I remember Jay that he really liked Spider-Man too, unfortunately in both TASM reviews Mike barely said anything about them although I remember he praised the first one. I love their opinions so its im glad that they very few things they said about the trilogy were positive.

They seem to be very objective which is why I like them so much more than Doug. The Old vs. New episode really pissed me off, it was extemely biased and he clearly made up his mind before he even thought about comparing the movies.

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