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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
So they are going to ignore the source material. That's nice.
What source material are you reading?

Sif is nothing but a consolation prize!

Originally Posted by R_Hythlodeus View Post
There's nothing wrong with focusing on Jane in the movies, since that character is a whole different Jane Foster than the one in the comics. You can tell differen types of stories with her, take her to other places, where Comic Jane never was.
In a way, it's like how they used Pepper in the Iron Man movies (and TA), Movie Pepper will never settle with Happy (not as long GP is playing her and RDJ is IM, but maybe in other incarnations) and Movie Jane is here to be remodelled as a working romantic interest for Thor.
This might change the dynamic betwen Thor and Sif, I agree. But let's just see where this dynamic goes now under this changed circumstances, before we scream and moan, because it's not perfectly accurate with the storylines and personalities from the 60ies.
So far, MS has done a decent job. In fact, they have done so well, translating these books to a working, breathing Movie Universe that I trust them to do the right thing with every decision they have in store for Phase II.
(until they cast Megan Fox and Eddie Murphy as Enchantress and Executioner)
Actually one of my main problems is that they tried to update swooning 60s Jane and pretty much ignore 90's-present Jane. I think Earth's Mightiest Heroes shows us that the closest you stick to comic Jane the better you get. Thor's adoration of her there is obvious because of what she does. She also have the Foster sense of humour in that series too. Jane was always the working love interest. Her and Thor have a dramatic, epic story with character tension everywhere. Its one of Marvel's best but sadly abandoned. You saw how the industry went nuts with praise for it when it was the centre of The Mighty Avenger and that is a book that didn't even hit its stride, that was a prelude to the sweeping story.

I just don't think Thor/Sif has ever been done well. Especially for Sif who just becomes this weak, whining wreck about him. Its one of the fun dynamics though, Sif is physically strong and personally weak. Jane is personally strong and physically weak. Marvel has tortured Jane, heck Simonson killed her for an issue just to make Thor cry.

I wonder, what stories do you guys think will be so much better with Sif? Because right now all I can think of is comic Sif who just stabs things, looks pretty and complains Thor doesn't love her enough. Can you think of a great love story where the characters obviously have a lot in common?


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