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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Well personally, I can understand the issues that fans had with the usage of Natalie's character in "Thor", let alone of their fear of the potential that Jane's involvement in this film could be detrimental in some ways like how some love interest angles have been for other superhero films.

I'd argue that if Jane is written better this time with a purpose outside of her relationship with Thor that helps serve the plot, then I'd welcome her to the story.

If anything, this film could serve just as a closure for her character in the MCU IF the producers believe that she has no more purpose in Thor's journey, but as far as we were told (despite on it perhaps not coming off as clear in the actual Jane is supposed to represent one of Thor's closest ties to Earth apparently.
Jane did have a story outside of Thor in Thor 1, Thor interrupted her story. She was doing scientific research that would change the MU. In the Avengers we are told shes taking other jobs and not working solely on getting Thor back. She's the most independent love interest in a superhero movie ever now I think about it.

It doesn't appear that the creators care about Thor's tie to Earth and if they are intent on showcasing the universe Jane will have to stick around to even symbolically tie Thor back to Earth. Without Jane, Thor has no reason to be there.

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