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Default Re: Megan Fox or Rosie Huntington Whitely?

Originally Posted by Call Me Darkman View Post
Neither of them gave great performances.
Megan Fox was passable in the first film, but just barely. Her character was just too skanky for my taste and her offscreen persona is just repulsive. While Rosie did have a few rough spots early in the film, for the most part she did a great job. She made Carly such a likable character that I'm willing to give her a pass on the few scenes were she seemed a little wooden. I also though she had much better chemistry with Shia than Megan did. Unlike Fox, Rosie comes across as intelligent and likable in all her interviews.

Also, as it's been mentioned many times, this was her first acting gig. For her to have been as good as she was with no acting experience or training of any kind just makes what she did even more amazing.

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