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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Again nobody has to agree with or like my interpretation, but in the end, I liken Bane's role to Scarecrow's in BB. Both were instrumental tools that both Al Ghul's used to further their plans. I never had a sense or saw a reason why either Scarecrow or Bane on their own, had any personal vendetta against Batman or Gotham.
Also, I didn't find Bane's defiance of Talia's order any sort of real show of authority. I never suggested that he had to kill Batman in front of Talia (not sure where that came from), but I would have liked that he at least tell her that he wanted the pleasure of killing Bats before she left. Again, face to face disobedience would have been more meaningful to me then disobeying her order AFTER she left and would presumably would never had know had the bomb gone off.
Again, not looking to change minds here, just sharing my view.

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