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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

It doesn't matter if Bane is Talia's lackey or not (I personally think it's clear that Talia was the leader all along, especially when "daddy Al Ghul" was the leader before hand). Bane just reeked of her personally puppy dog, whether he didn't follow orders behind her back or not.

Once you find out that the character wasn't the child, didn't escape the pit, and then this Talia Taters character shows up purely for the twist and takes all the mystique away it just takes a lot away from Bane.

Then he's literally tossed aside by Catwoman and forgotten. He's lame in my opinion, whether he's the femme fatale's side kick or not. Bane has yet to be put on the big screen correctly and given justice as far as I'm concerned. Shumacher's Bane and Nolan's Bane are two extreme steps in polar opposite directions.

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