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Default Re: BATMAN REBOOT: your personal preferences?

-I would keep the tone along the lines of the Nolan films

-I would match the setting closer to the animated series (blimps, structures etc.)

-I would already have the bat universe in motion. To achieve this the credits would be done in a style (like spiderman 2 or watchmen) that would eliminate much of the origin narrative. The narrative would deal with the death of the waynes, the training abroad, becoming a bat, crippling of barbara gordon (don't show the joker but hint at it with laughter, i dont want joker in my series).

-The film would open with Batman battling Killer Croc in the sewers (hell steal the exact battle from the animated series "vendetta" episode). This gets the movie off to an action packed start, while at the same time establishing that the more "fantasy" element of the rogues gallery is at play. Lastly the fight establishes the fight functionality of the suit and of batman himself.

-The cops are still not accepting of batman as of yet.

-from the recent trilogy I would keep the functionality of the cape, the batpod (i can deal with the hate), and I would also refine the suit by uncomplicating its pieces (batbra).

-add more iconic poses, use the white lenses as a means of using a variation of thermal vision where appropriate.

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