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Originally Posted by Showtime View Post
Right I agree. You seem to have your head on straight.

I just have seen other forums where posters wait for every negative review and then spend so much time trying to discredit the writer that it becomes so sickening. I'm hoping we're all better than that, including myself.
I won't lie. There have been reviews I get annoyed at after the fact. That's because I've formed my own opinion of the film, and then disagree with what's being said, though. So it's not really the same.

Originally Posted by Showtime View Post
I don't personally think Routh, Cavill, or Welling are what you would call good actors. I also didn't think Reeve was all that great, but by default he drinks all three of their to speak. My opinion.
I'd love for Cavill to hit it out of the park, but it's not necessary for the film to be good and/or a success. Other aspects just need to be able to take up the slack. I wouldn't really say Chris Evans' or Chris Hemsworth's performances in their respective movies were anything spectacular, but their films worked for the most part. If anything, with Snyder, the supporting cast, and stellar effects houses, I'd say MOS has even more that could potentially make up for anything that isn't quite up to snuff.

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