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Default Re: Justice League: News and Speculation - Part 3

Originally Posted by JB-the-Hunter View Post
Just because a lot of people didn't see every one of them doesn't mean anything. The fact that everybody simply knew each character had a solo film and that The Avengers was a team-up of them all is the main reason it was so hyped and had so much build up. The movie being able to live up to the hype was a miracle and is what made it so big. Without lead-ins a Justice League movie simply isn't going to garner the same amount of hype and even if the film is just as good or a little better, without some kind of gimmick it's most likely not going to be anywhere near as successful.

Henry Cavill being Superman in a Justice League movie is all the movie has going for it in that regard unless we see Ryan play Green Lantern again. People wont take too kindly to a new Batman unless he ends up pulling a Mark Ruffalo and end up being the best Batman, which is what WB should be putting an extreme amount of focus on.
I tend to look at this argument this way..if my mom and sister, neither of which watch superhero movies or care about them, wanted to see Avengers, loved it, and then proceeded to sit down and watch all the marvel movies the day after seeing it..then I have to say it has nothing to do with the lead-ins..most people don't care about this stuff or think about it like we do. If they hear a movie is good, or see a cool trailer,they go see it. Period.

And let's face it for most people all they need to be told is Superman and Batman are going to be in it together, that will be enough to get them to go see it. Add in the fact that Wonder Woman, a female icon, and flash, someone who at least is visually recognizable, are also in it. That's guaranteed blockbuster

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