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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by milost View Post


And then it will go off.


For the sake of your family, Dr. Pavel, I hope so.

That tells me that if the bomb doesn't go off, Bane and the League have Pavel's family (family in the script, changed to children in the film) and will harm them if Pavel screws around or does anything funny.

What else would that line possibly mean???

And again, nothing in a script is set in stone, but TDKR's final script (we've never seen any of their original concepts or eary drafts) is PRETTY damn close to what was filmed. And you know what? That "lovely, lovely voice" isn't even IN the script, thus, Goyer and the Nolans mustn't have thought it was important for Bane's "I care about the innocent children" characterization. I can't back it up, and won't, but it was most likely AD-LIBBED by Tom Hardy, like Ledger's "little bunny" or Nicholson's "number one guy", Grissom impersonation.

A QUIRKY little ironic, villain, THROW away line.
If you're going to bring up the script, I should just say the scene of Blake and Mark(the orphan) talking about Batman were ad-libbed as well since that wasn't in the script?

Again, I'm just viewing as the lines to connect to Bane's past and how he views a child's innocence, while you view them as throwaway lines that I never would. Dr. Pavel having a family didn't have to be mentioned, but it did.

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