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Default Re: Do you think Marvel will EVER get the film rights to Spider-Man?

Originally Posted by weezerspider View Post
Yeah, but the point is, probably atleast 80-85% of the people that were apart of Spidey making half of The Avengers are going to be in those same theaters for Avengers regardless of Spidey's involvement. Again, it comes to money. If Sony offers him at a high cost, is it really worth it? Keep in mind, I'm talking about the very basic aspect of allowing cross-overs in The Avengers films only. I'm not talking about some sort of deal where Marvel has more creative control with all Spiderman films with his films being loosely tied to the MCU or, even less likely, getting Spiderman back all together. Both of those, IMO, are easily worth the money because of what you stated. Spidey is Marvel's biggest character. However, for involvement in a team film every 3 or 4 years, it depends on if Sony is going to rip them off or not.
That's what I am talking about as well - Spider-Man just appearing in an Avengers film while his solo films remain isolated from the rest of the MCU events even if they take place in the same universe.

I would say that it is financially worth it. Keep in mind the main two reasons why Avengers made so much money:

1) It was a concept that was never done before. We never saw so many iconic heroes coming together on the big screen. The fact that it was a new and never-seen-before thing is what got people interested. Future sequels may not have that advantage because we've now seen it done already.

2) It brought multiple fanbases together. Iron Man fans saw it, Thor fans saw it, Hulk fans saw it, etc. It was basically took 6 superheroes plus Nick Fury to bring in that amount of money. Spider-Man made half of that amount just by himself.

Also keep in mind that Justice League will probably be coming out in the new few years. If it comes out the same year as one of the Avengers films, Marvel may run into a bit of trouble since they have no members on the team that carry the same weight and iconic image that Batman, Superman, and the rest of the JL do. Spider-Man is essentially the only character they have that can rival them. Sure that Iron Man is now arguably the second biggest Marvel character, but can he handle facing off against Batman and Superman put together just by himself? That is on top of the possibility that RDJ may not even be around by then in the role and he is essentially the main reason why Iron Man is so big right now.

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