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Default Re: Do you think Marvel will EVER get the film rights to Spider-Man?

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post

I would say that it is financially worth it. Keep in mind the main two reasons why Avengers made so much money:

1) It was a concept that was never done before. We never saw so many iconic heroes coming together on the big screen. The fact that it was a new and never-seen-before thing is what got people interested. Future sequels may not have that advantage because we've now seen it done already.

2) It brought multiple fanbases together. Iron Man fans saw it, Thor fans saw it, Hulk fans saw it, etc. It was basically took 6 superheroes plus Nick Fury to bring in that amount of money. Spider-Man made half of that amount just by himself..
This is true, but the one essential ingredient that made it a phenomenom in the end was how it connected with people, more specifically the GA. The novelty played a factor for sure, but the film had great legs through insane word of mouth. The reasons you mentioned can only really gaurantee the opening weekend numbers (maybe two weekends). Batman and Superman sounds great on paper, but if the film doesn't work or connect with an audience, most of them won't care anymore 30 minutes into the film. So luck is a big factor in terms of a films long term success. You can't bottle what the Avengers's not based on scientific measurements born in a lab, but a series of planned and accidental/inspired moments. So while I think Spidey would definitely take it to an even higher, insane level in terms of potential - it doesn't gaurantee it will equal the long term success of the first Avengers film (even if it's great). What it does gaurantee is that on opening weekend they won't be able to build enough theaters to hold the bi*ch.

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