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Default Re: Let The Claws Do The Talking - Rate & Review "The Wolverine"

Originally Posted by antonydelfini View Post
My preferred climax

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would have been more grounded, grittier, and closer to the Wolverine mini-series: longer Wolverine and Yukio vs ninjas, Yukio vs Viper, Wolverine vs Shingen wearing Silver Samurai armor. I didn't like the Yashida twist. It would have been the best superhero movie ever if it maintained the tone and mood of the 1st 2 acts IMO.
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I would have cut the armor in general. Also, cut Viper as well, as her entire character was unneeded. I agree about the Yashida twist, since it quite literally made no sense for him to fake his death (and ultimately made carrying out his entire plan only harder). I would have included the original conflict of the mini-series with Shingen disdaining Wolverine for being a mutant and being unworthy, and on top of Wolverine's hatred of being immortal, added his struggle with his animal vs. being an honroable warrior.

In general, making the film more personal as a whole would have been a much better move.


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